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Celebrate Startup Milestones: Issue #5

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

There are some really really cool companies coming out of Boston. In our next edition of celebrating startup milestones, we’re seeing startups from the cannabis sector to marketing to commercial insurance and everything in between.

Please join us while we celebrate these seven innovative companies! And, if you have a milestone you’d like to share with the community, please scroll to the bottom of this post for a link to submit. We’re excited to hear from you.

Now onto the celebrations...

Varun Chakravarthi - Founder, Canabee

Submitted: Aug 17, 2020

Canabee creates transparency for cannabis consumers by informing their purchasing decisions through a review-based platform and connecting them to great local businesses.

“We recently completed another dispensary video feature and have a few more in the ‘pipeline.’ We will be releasing our first feature this October!”

Christine Healy - Founder & CEO, Craft’d Company

Submitted: Aug 21, 2020

Craft’d Company creates signature events and provides consulting services to craft brands. We transform your events, marketing, social media, PR and branding.

Kathryn Taccone - Cofounder & Creative, Open Pixel Studios

Submitted: Sept 21, 2020

Open Pixel Studios is a one-of-a-kind, women-owned animation studio in New England. We pack the talent of a large agency with the humanity and creative flexibility of a small and dedicated team.

“Over the summer, Open Pixel Studios welcomed its very first intern! This experience has helped prepare us for continued growth in 2021 as we continue to strive toward becoming a female-led powerhouse in Animation, right here in New England.”

Stacey Richey - VP of People, Corvus Insurance Holdings

Submitted: Sept 17, 2020

Corvus Insurance Holdings is a leading provider of commercial insurance products built on advanced data science, with an AI-driven approach to empowering brokers and policyholders to better predict and prevent loss.

“We reached over 100 full-time employees throughout the US.”

Wafaa Arbash - Cofounder & CEO, Workaround

Submitted: Sept 3, 2020

Workaround is on a mission to provide work for refugees and disadvantaged youth around the world.

Alexis Arlett - Director of Marketing & Growth Operations, Virtudent

Submitted: Aug 12, 2020

Virtudent is on a mission to bring high-quality oral healthcare to all. Our vision is to make dental care seamless, accessible, and patient-centered.

“During 2020 our organization pivoted and launched a new product at the height of COVID-19 to help provide access to dental services during the pandemic. Over the last few months we've made it into a sustainable solution and are now able to reach our clients with this new solution and our older model (which we updated during COVID19). Our team has shown resilience and creativity.”

Marcos Araujo - CEO, Esportudo

Submitted: Aug 21, 2020

Esportudo is the leading media and entertainment brand for latino sports fans, providing the most complete coverage of their favorite players, teams and leagues through our personalized AI-based applications and our authentic, culturally relevant approach.

What Have You Accomplished This Past Month?

Did you hire a new team member? Put a new feature or product in beta? Make your first sale?

Whatever it may be, we want to know! Please submit your company’s milestone right here so we can share it with the world.


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