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Celebrating Startup Milestones: Issue #27

While you're in the weeds building your startup, it's important to step out for air and reflect on what your startup has accomplished to date.

"Ignore the hype of the startups that you see in the press. Mostly, it’s a pack of lies. Half of these startups will be dead in a year. So, focus on building your business so you can be the one left standing." - Jules Pieri, Co-founder and CEO of The Grommet

This week we’re excited to celebrate Overjet, Cellino, CareAcademy, Unruly Studios, LIT, Frase, Athletic Brewing Company, Cuseum and Pasito.


Date posted: May 20th | Company location: Cambridge, MA

Overjet is using Artificial Intelligence and advanced dental technologies to reduce costs and improve quality of care.


Overjet received FDA clearance for Overjet Dental Assist™. The first-of-its-kind dental AI product that is going to transform dentistry and improve oral health for all.


Date posted: May 20th | Company location: Cambridge, MA

Cellino creates personalized regenerative medicines at scale.


Their CEO, Nabiha Saklayen, PhD, was awarded the first Tory Burch Foundation fellowship at Innovative Genomics Institute.


Date posted: May 20th | Company location: Boston, MA

CareAcademy provides evidence-based online classes for non-medical professional and family caregivers. We pride ourselves and our high touch coaching and on excellent customer service.


CareAcademy forms their inaugural advisory board.

Unruly Studios

Date posted: May 13th | Company location: Boston, MA

Unruly Studios is empowering students to learn fundamental STEM skills through active, social recess-style play!


Unruly Studios was recognized in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards for 2021!


Date posted: May 20th | Company location: Boston, MA

LIT provides language proficiency through digital stories. An input-based language acquisition tool for teachers and students.


LIT has over 20,000+ users.


Date posted: May 19th | Company location: Boston, MA

Frase improves SEO and drives conversion by using your website content to answer your visitors' questions.


Frase launched a new product - Frase Natural Language Generation (NLG). Frase NLG is artificial intelligence software designed to turn SERP analysis into original research faster than ever, with AI.

Athletic Brewing Company

Date posted: May 12th | Company location: Stratford, CT

Athletic Brewing Company are pioneers in revolutionizing non-alcoholic craft beer. Brewing high-quality, great tasting NA craft beer for today's healthy & active beer lover.


Celebrated their three year anniversary!


Date posted: May 19th | Company location: Boston, MA

Cuseum is helping museums, attractions, and nonprofits drive visitor, member, and donor engagement.


Cuseum won a Webby! They were awarded the title of best Art, Culture, and Event App in the “Apps and Software” category of the 25th annual The Webby Awards.


Date posted: Early May | Company location: Boston, MA

Pasito is a fintech that provides financial guidance for parents from certified professionals at a fraction of the cost.


Pasito launched Pasito Magazine! Check it out

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