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Resources for College Student Entrepreneurs in Boston

With over 35 higher education institutions, Boston is a prime city for college students, and an increasingly desirable city for students who are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. Major industries—from education to biotechnology to fashion and fintech—are represented in the Boston startup ecosystem, and the city’s diverse offerings mean there’s opportunity for everyone, no matter where your passion lies.

In Boston, resources abound throughout various stages of the entrepreneur’s journey—from ideation to exit. For students, resources are available both on campus and off campus. We’ve listed some resources below to help you get started, but this list isn’t exhaustive—get involved in your academic and social communities to explore all your options. A great place to start is with on-campus resources. Students can take advantage of available mentorship programs, incubators, startup funding, and more, all through their university’s community connections and professional centers. For example, Northeastern University alone houses the IDEA Incubator, Scout design studio, Sherman Engineering Entrepreneurship Center, and more.

What’s more, as a student in Boston, you’re not limited to the resources at your campus alone—there are dozens of colleges in the Boston area that host startup events that are also open to students who don’t attend college at the hosting institution. A few of our favorites include:

While on-campus resources are a convenient place to start, remember that resources off-campus are useful, too! Learn more about the startup scene in Boston and about opportunities to start, launch, and grow your startup via resources such as:

In addition to organizations, get out there and attend awesome startup events, such as:

  • General Assembly

  • BostonSpeaks

  • Hubweek


  • Boston Tech Jam


  • Boston Blockchain & FinTech Week

  • And of course, Startup Boston

Events like the ones we’re hosting for Startup Boston 2019 (September 16-20) give students, professionals, and experts the opportunity to learn, network, and integrate. These in-person resources are invaluable in an industry where community, connection, and collaboration are crucial to success. Best of luck, fellow students, and welcome to the startup world! Interested in participating in Startup Boston 2019?

Visit our website to learn about this year’s program tracks, and sign up for our newsletter to learn when our events are open for registration.


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