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Navigating the Boston Food and Beverage Startup Scene - Who to Know, Where to Go

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

When it comes to food and drink, Boston is where it’s at! Boston is the home to many notorious food and beverage brands including Unreal Brands, Grillo’s Pickles, Spindrift, Drizly, Bevy and more! Between CPG food brands, new beverage companies and the services and tech that hold this industry together, the Boston food and beverage startup scene is bubbling over.

The local startup scene holds many resources for companies looking to enter the world of food and beverage and we’re here to get you started on that journey! Check out the startups to watch, investors in the food and beverage startup scene and more, directly below.

Food and Beverage Startups to Watch

As the Boston food and beverage scene continues to grow, here are a few stellar companies to keep your eye on!

EatWell Meal Kits - Meal kits based on doing good, eating good and eating healthy. Founded in 2017.

Hillside Harvest - Flavorful hot sauces and marinades that pack a punch. Founded in 2016.

Humble Bones - Delicious and healthy vegan granola.

Hylux - Hylux is a vitamin filled & nutritionally enhanced water, made with all-natural ingredients. Founded in 2013.

The Live Green Co - A food tech company working to transition to healthy and sustainable food. Founded in 2018.

Mori - Helps to keep food fresher for longer (legal name of Cambridge Crops). Founded in 2016.

Motif Foodworks - This company is making plant-based foods in a healthier, sustainable and more delicious way! Founded in 2019.

Raising the Bar - A zero-proof cocktail experience delivered straight to your door! Founded in 2020.

Suvie - A new way to cook up food right on your countertops. Founded in 2015.

Tender Food - New to the plant-based meat market. Founded in 2020.

Who and Publications to Follow in the Food and Beverage Space

Keep your pulse on what the local startup scene is saying. There are some Twitter handles you’ll want to follow!

BevNET - their website - beverage industry news, events, reviews and jobs

Brewbound - their website - daily beer trade publication - breaking news, trend analysis, product & distro updates.

Edible Boston - their website - a magazine in Greater Boston devoted exclusively to local, sustainable food and the people who make it.

The Food Lens - @thefoodlens - covering Boston’s news on restaurants and food.

Jackie Cain - on LinkedIn - freelance food writer covering the local scene

Jolivia Barros - @taste_andsea - lives in Dorchester and is a proud Cabo Verdeana and native Bostonian, she shares her love for food and travel

Kara Baskin - on LinkedIn - Boston Globe food writer

Lauren Abda - on LinkedIn - founder of Branchfood and Food Edge Summit and co-founder of Branch Venture Group

John Craven - @BevNETCraven - founder and CEO of BevNET and podcast host of Taste Radio

NOSH - their website - covers the world of Natural, Organic, Sustainable and Healthy entrepreneurial packaged food industry

Taste Radio Podcast - their website - BevNET's podcast for food and beverage professionals

Katie Stebbins - on LinkedIn - the Executive Director at Tufts University's Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute

Networking Groups, Accelerators and Incubators for Food + Beverage Startups

Interested in networking and learning from others in this space? Check out these local organizations:

Branchfood - If you’re looking to network with the food and beverage startup world, Branchfood is the place to start. Between events, investment information, mentors, resources and more, this is a great organization:

Commonwealth Kitchen - Based in Dorchester, this food incubator is a wonderful resource for food and beverage companies as they gear up to launch. They also team up with The Launchpad at MIT to feature up and coming food and beverage startups.

Food Edge - an annual conference in Boston that brings together food and beverage industry leaders and innovators

The Food Loft - Based in Somerville, the Food Loft is much more than a co-working space and offers support and resources to food startups.

Foundation Kitchen - Based in Somerville, this shared kitchen space provides support and resources to food and beverage startups.

Greentown Labs - Focused on climate change, this Somerville incubator also houses food startups related to energy and sustainability.

Tufts University Food and Nutrition Innovation Institute - program at Tufts focused on nutrition, food tech and economic development

Investors in Food + Beverage

Below are a few Angel Investors and VCs that invest in food and beverage startups in the Boston and New England area:

Anterra Capital - This VC firm backs startups and entrepreneurs who are building a healthier food system.

Arbor Investments - Private equity firm focused on food & beverage middle-market companies.

Branch Venture Group - A Boston-based investment network that provides funding and advice to early-stage food companies. They focus on investments in the food and beverage CPG, foodtech, and agtech spaces.

Breakaway Ventures - A consumer-focused venture capital firm.

Fresh Source Capital - This investment group funds companies whose products, services and technologies provide "better" food to consumers and institutions.

Sherbrooke Capital - Sherbrooke Capital is a leading growth capital private equity firm focused exclusively on investing in emerging consumer companies in the rapidly-growing Healthy, Active and Sustainable Living market.

s2G Ventures - They look to invest in companies pushing the boundaries and exploring innovation in food and agriculture.

Victress Capital - Invests in early-stage consumer companies with inclusive cultures and gender-diverse teams.

Stay tuned with latest updates on the Boston Food and Beverage Startup Scene

This space is constantly changing and new players enter the game. We try to keep our resources up to date, but if there’s anything we missed, send us a message using this link. Thank you!


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