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Watch the Replay: SBW2023 Data & Engineering Tracks

Are you currently responsible for creating and scaling your startup’s data strategy or building your company’s engineering team? We’ve created some content on-demand just for you! During Startup Boston Week 2023, our Data Track was created for data managers and operators in mind and our Engineering Track is aimed at first-time engineering leaders and engineering folk looking to start and scale up their teams.

Check out the content below and let us know what content you’d like to see next right here.

Data Track

Are you tackling your startup’s data strategy? Give this on-demand content a watch to start and scale your data department and the way your company approaches data-centric decision making.

Structuring Complex Data Sets and the Teams that Manage Them

Having the right governance, discipline, and structure around organizing vast, complex data sets is fundamental to success. Figuring out the team in charge of owning and managing this data is equally important. It’s pivotal to build both into an effective strategy early on when getting ready to scale your startup.

During this video learn:

  • What size your data team should be

  • How to delegate data management and analysis responsibilities across your team

  • The best practices surrounding how I should structure my data to make it easily accessible for your team

How Startups Can Effectively and Securely Use Data to Their Advantage

Access to data from user and customer activities provides startups the power to identify trends, segment markets, reduce risk, and drive strong business decisions. Yet balancing effective governance and setting up sound processes is fundamental to success in an increasingly competitive market.

During this video you’ll learn:

  • Risks and benefits of big data collection and use

  • How to think about privacy and security around big data

  • Ensuring that the use of data is transparent and accountable

  • How to use big data to learn about your customers and improve target market over time

  • The best ways to use big data across multiple teams

Using Data to Guide Your Narrative

Effective synthesis and communication of data is both an art and a science; it involves a combination of technical skills, creative thinking, and audience awareness. By using data as a tool to tell a story, we can help people make better decisions, understand complex issues, and ultimately improve our society.

This video will discuss:

  • How design and storytelling play a role in communicating with data other than technical skills

  • When automated analysis in exceptional cases requires the intervention of human insights

  • The importance of having audience awareness while presenting data

  • The common mistakes and biggest challenges that people face when communicating about data

How to Model Data in the Face of Uncertainty

While data has the power to be an effective driver for decision making, it relies on good hygiene and accurate inputs. Being able to identify misleading, poor quality data sets, and separate out the usable, reliable information is key to informing actionable insights.

This video discusses:

  • How to differentiate noise from viable data

  • How to detect inaccuracies in complex data sets

  • The processes that can be built into future data collection to ensure more accurate data

  • Some of the ways to use active learning, deep learning, and distributed learning to solve problems within complex data sets

  • Defining fuzzy logic theory - and its use cases

The Impacts of Adopting Big Data

We’re certainly in the era of big data and there’s no sign of slowing down. Understanding the immense value within a data set and how it can be analyzed to drive an effective strategy has never been more important. Discovering key trends and identifying patterns through a data lens helps startups make decisions about product features, marketing campaigns, target segmentations and more - all essential pieces for executing a successful growth strategy into the future.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • How your startup can use big data

  • The industries that will be the most disrupted by big data in the next five years

  • Which startups have a disadvantage when it comes to big data

  • How startups can compete with larger companies when it comes to big data

  • Why collecting and analyzing big data is so important for startups

Engineering Track

Are you responsible for scaling your startup’s engineering team? Or perhaps you’re interested in landing a role in engineering? Give this on-demand content if you’re starting and scaling your engineering team - or interested in a career in engineering.

Finding the Engineering Role that's Right for You

The engineering field is vast and rapidly evolving, and it can be challenging to determine which role aligns with your skills, interests, and aspirations. There is a need to have passion for what you are working on.

In this video, we’ll discuss:

  • How to determine if a new engineering role is right for you

  • How to find and explore opportunities available for newcomers

  • How to evaluate which engineering role is best suited for your skillset

  • The resources that are available to help with continued growth in an engineering career

  • Some strategies for incorporating creativity into your engineering role

How to Organize Your Engineering Sprint

As your team grows, it's crucial to optimize your engineering sprint process for maximum efficiency and productivity.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The best practices for organizing an engineering sprint

  • Which departments, beyond engineering, should be involved in this process

  • The strategies for onboarding new team members to the sprint process

  • How to ensure the sprint stays on track timewise

  • Some ways to minimize downtime during this process

Developing Software without Breaking the Bank

Developing software can be a costly endeavor, but it's essential to have the right talent and tools in place to ensure success.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to evaluate the type of talent (i.e. skillset) you need when developing your product

  • The pros and cons of keeping development in-house vs. outsourcing

  • Where to find discounts on software/aid offered to early-stage companies

  • How to find the best software that’s right for you and your business

  • The software elements/talent are worth the price tag and which are just “nice to haves”?

How to Create an App Ecosystem for Your Startup

Developing a well-rounded app ecosystem can be essential for the success of a startup.

This video will discuss:

  • How to determine what apps should be in your app ecosystem

  • The best ways to ensure a seamless integration

  • How to measure “stickiness” in this process

  • How to take the needs/behaviors of your end-user into consideration throughout this process

  • The other teams/departments need to be involved in this build-out

How to Bring Your Legacy Tech Stacks Up to Speed

As technology evolves, it's crucial for businesses to adapt and modernize their tech stacks to maintain a competitive edge.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to test a system's reliability

  • How to identify signs that your tech stack is or isn’t scalable

  • What strategies exist for pivoting to a new tech stack

  • How to evaluate your options when looking for new software

  • Some tips for "future-proofing" your tech stack while building it

  • How to create realistic timelines when modernizing existing, outdated processes

Engineering in Sustainability and Social Impact

With a growing emphasis on sustainability and social impact, environmental engineering has become a vital area of interest for startups.

During this video, you’ll learn:

  • How environmental engineering be incorporated into a startup at an early stage

  • The government guidelines/policies for incorporating environmental engineering

  • Where to find climate tech/clean energy resources for engineers/developers

  • How to pivot towards a more sustainable engineering/development model

What data and engineering topics do you want the Startup Boston Team to tackle next. Let us know your thoughts in this brief survey.

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